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Idrive Guides

Base Station Hardware

Idrive Base Station Installation Guide

Base Station Software

Idrive Control Center 2.0 User’s Guide 2.5.0

Idrive Global Center app for iPhone and iPad

X Series Devices

Idrive X1 Installation and Operation Guide

USB export camera; Import software

IR LED Illuminator Kit Installation Guide


D4 DVR - Digital Video Recorder

Idrive D4 Installation and Configuration Guide

Idrive Viewpro User Guide

Idrive Support

How To Open a Support Ticket

Contact Idrive Support

About RMA

X1 Troubleshooting Flowchart

X1 Test Station

LED Behaviors Diagnosis

Idrive Client

Idrive Client Weekly Camera Maintenance Routines

Idrive D4 Viewing and HDD Formatting

Idrive FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

Select this link for all FAQs:

X1 • Base Station • Hardware and Software

Or just select the FAQ specific to:

X1 Camera

Camera WiFi and Access Points

Base Station Control Center Software

Play and Review Section

Idrive Global Center

Email us: Idrive Support

Useful Links

Idrive Web Site

Idrive App Apple Store

Idrive on Facebook

Idrive on twitter

Team Viewer

Adobe Reader

Video LAN FLV player

Idrive Dictionary

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Idrive Control Center , Idrive Control Center Terminal, Idrive Global Center , Idrive Mobile ,

Idrive 2.0 , Idrive Cloud , Idrive Green ,

VEDR , DVR , Event , Risk and Safety

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